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How Do I Become A True Christian?

God created a beautiful world. It was His plan that humankind would serve and worship Him eternally in that world. However, everyone ruined this plan from the first person until you and me. We have all rebelled against God. We have chosen to live as we please, without Him. The Bible calls this sin. Because of this, the human race has been spoiled, bringing chaos and disaster into the world.

Our self-centredness and sinfulness has cut us off from God. He therefore seems a million miles away and disinterested in us. This has occurred because of our sinfulness (doing what we want instead of what God wants).Our sin acts as a barrier between God and us. We cannot break through that barrier on our own because we are not good enough. Charity, good works, philosophy, and even religion, although they may be very praiseworthy, all fall short of what God requires in order for us to have a relationship with Him.

What is Gods answer?

Godís answer is Jesus. Jesus is proof that God loves us and that He cares enough about us not to leave us struggling here on earth.

For God so loved the world (that includes you!), that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

We deserve to suffer the consequences of our sin and our rejection of God, by being rejected by God forever. However, God loves the world (you and me!) so much that He sent his Son, Jesus, who was also God to share our life and hardships. But unlike us, Jesus did not sin. In fact, He went about reversing the effects of our rebellion.

Godís anger for our rebellion fell on Jesus, who was perfectly innocent. He was punished instead of us and died an agonizing death in our place. The Bible says that when Jesus was crucified, He took our sinfulness into Himself.

Jesus did not stay dead though. God raised Him from the dead and He appeared to many people here on earth before God took him up to be with Himself. Jesusí life, death and resurrection opened the way for us to have a restored relationship with God.

There is nothing to stop anyone from coming to know God, no matter who they are or what they may have done. The way is wide open. God has done His part in Jesus it is now up to you!

What is your response?

First, you need to believe that Jesus Christ, Godís Son, died on a cross and shed his presious blood for forgivness of your sin,

Second, you need to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and that He is reigning at Godís right hand. You need to trust Jesus, make Him your Lord and Saviour of your life

Third,   you need to admit that you do displease God (i.e., sin) and fall short of His standards. In fact, you need to be truly sorry that you have ignored God and gone your own way.

Fourth,  you need with Godís help, to turn from going your own way and go His way instead (i.e. repent). In fact, you need to willingly turn from every thought, word, action and habit that you know is wrong, God will give you the strength to do this if you trust in Him.

Is it really this Simple?

The answer is, ĎYes, it is!í, but only that Jesus has done all the hard work already

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 King James Version (KJV)

If you want to become a Christian and know Jesus in your life, if you want to know Godís acceptance, become one of His children and therefore be part of His family, and if you want to have eternal life and the life of God in you, then pray the following prayer (it is best if you speak it out aloud)


Almighty God, it is true that I do things, which fall short of your standards. I honestly want to turn from this, which I now recognize as sin. I ask your forgiveness for all I have done that is wrong in your sight.From this moment on, I determine to go your way instead of my own way. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to die on a cross so that I can be free from the punishment I deserve. I make Jesus the Lord of my life. Please come into my heart right now so that I may be made new. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Please help me now to live the rest of my life with the help and power of the Holy Spirit, which you have given to me. I pray this in Jesusí name. Amen

Can you be sure that you are a Christian?

If you have prayed the above prayer (or one like it) and you prayed it from the heart, meaning every word, then you are a true Christian. This is the most important decision you have ever made. Whether you felt anything or not, you are changed, because God has promised this, and He cannot lie.

If your answer was yes, then this is just the beginning of a wonderful New Life with Christ now.  


1: Be baptized, fellowship with other Christians.

2: Talk to God in prayer every day.

3: Read your Bible every day to get to know Christ better. King James Only (KJV) other versions have bits missing.

4: Tell others about Christ.


Abstracts taken from the book explaining The Christian Faith

Written by David Fardouly Copyright ©1991